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For many years Ethiopia was Africa’s best kept secret, and, whilst, increasingly, the word is out on how awe-inspiringly incredible it is as a destination, visiting Ethiopia still imparts the thrill of discovery and offers the intrepid of spirit something enthralling and unique. Whilst not without its recent political troubles, experienced operators all rate Ethiopia as a premier destination for the discerning traveller – rich in wildlife, culture, landscape and history. One of Africa’s most beautiful countries it boasts natural and cultural landmarks of great significance: the source of the Blue Nile; the verdant Simien mountains; the desolate Danakil Depression are but a few of its wealth of diverse and mesmerising natural wonders. Having never been colonised by a European nation, Ethiopia has a retained a strong cultural identity and an historical architectural landscape like no other, with beautiful and globally important monuments reflecting Ethiopia’s captivating story of sacred beliefs and ancient dynasties. Powerful, beguiling, inspiring and unforgettable – Ethiopia is an undisputed jewel in Africa’s bedecked crown.


"From the towering Simien Mountains to the depths and otherworldly beauty of the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia is a treasure chest of unique and priceless gems!  Ethiopia’s natural and historical landscapes will leave you spellbound. Explore ancient architecture and experience colourful heritage dating back thousands of years. Discover 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the mysterious rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. Feast on delicious Ethiopian cuisine and sip on the best coffee in the world."

Assefa Azene, Kibran Tours

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