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A succession of powerful, historic dynasties shaped the development of Morocco leaving an exceptional architectural heritage of fortified walls, medinas, minarets, kasbahs and globally significant towns and cities, as well as important Roman ruins. Whilst these speak eloquently of the past, the rich tapestry of daily life in modern Morocco – the bustling souks, vibrant riads, sensational gastronomy and immersive hammams – imbue Morocco with as tempting and exciting an offering for the 21st century traveller. With this rich culture complemented by the exquisite beauty of its natural assets – the soft desert landscapes and dramatic mountains – Morocco is a great option for those who love culture, nature, art and history. Although within easy reach of Europe, making shorter breaks very achievable, it is undeniably exotic and exhilarating. Over 100 years ago Edith Wharton described visiting Morocco as “still like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript, all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines” and this timeless yet vibrant allure captivates to this day.


"A magical gift to the senses, full of color, passion, tradition, mystery and contrasts. There are no words that can accurately describe the powerful energy of this exotic country, with its endless souks and alleys, that are a feast to the eyes. In Morocco you will find it all, from snow to desert, And from lakes to long and brilliantly white beaches. Morocco has everything you wish for and more"

Fatmia Ait Aissa, Morocco Unlimited

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