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Mozambique is blessed by geography: 2750km of unspoilt glittering Indian Ocean coastline to be precise - where azure seas, powder white sands and remote, pristine islands are sure to evoke one’s inner mermaid or merman. With phenomenal safari offerings just a short hop away, Mozambique is the perfect beach partner. It offers an enticing counterbalance to the drama of safari, with the promise of languid days watching sunlight dance on water. Don’t be fooled, however, into thinking this is purely a country for self-indulgence and indolence (though you can experience those there in great style) – for the marine world offers plenty of excitements. Water-based activities - deep sea fishing, exceptional snorkelling around coral reefs and diving, to name but a few - as well as incredible wildlife experiences - dugong, whales and dolphins - all await. Moreover, for those seeking cultural flavour, the towns have impressive Portuguese colonial-era architecture and are steeped in a vibrant local culture.  Mozambique is a compelling offering for those seeking a quintessential, Indian Ocean idyll and it is a destination which knows how to do ‘beach bliss’ exceptionally well.


"A combination of perfectly pristine beaches and stunning marine environments along with no mass tourism and mostly small scale hotels, makes a stay in Mozambique perfect for a tranquil beach stay. With standards generally matching that on safari... Mozambique makes the perfect beach the African bush."

Martijn Mellaart, Sense of Oceans

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