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Contemplating that there are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt illuminates just how much of a hidden treasure this beguiling and fascinating country is, and even those who know Africa well may feel less familiar with its unique cultural and natural appeal. Steeped in the history of the Pharaohs, this huge country was once home to the Nubians, with architectural vestiges of their ancient civilisation – such as the antiquities of Meroe and Karima - to be found along the valley of the Nile through the Sahara Desert. Visitors can immerse themselves in Sudan’s many archaeological riches in relative tranquillity, far removed from the crowds that characterise such sites on the other side of the border. Balancing this rich social history are natural wonders which can likewise be enjoyed in relative, splendid isolation – the Bayuda, Nubian and Western Deserts. With stabler times politically in the recent past, it can’t be long until word gets out on this much under-visited gem, where African and Arabic culture meet in the welcoming faces of the modern Sudanese people.


"Sudan is a wonderful destination that you don't expect, filled with thousands of years of history, archaeological sites, ancient traditions, welcoming and genuine people and so much hidden beauty. A journey through Sudan is a journey that changes you and that you must do at least once in your life!”

Erika Locatelli, Ital Tours Sudan

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Hidden Treasures of Sudan
6 nights
Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs 12 nights
Nubian Desert & The Red Sea
15 nights
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