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The republic of congo

Change is a foot in Congo. It is impossible to deny that tourism here has never been mainstream, due to  governmental focus on other industries, such as oil & gas, in the past. However, the Republic of Congo, or Congo-Brazzaville (distinct from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo) – offers the pioneering traveller the opportunity for thoughtful exploration and deeply enriching travel experiences through a growing number of impressive ecotourism options. A mosaic of differing ecosystems – tropical rainforests, rivers, and baïs (grassy glades) - and untroubled wildlife is coupled with a forward-thinking tourism proposition. New lodges are supporting critical conservation efforts – most notably in Odzala-Kokoua National Park - by those who have developed a new ecotourism model adapted to West and Central Africa to implement in this land of truly remarkable wildernesses. The Congo Basin is the world’s 2nd largest tropical rainforest - barely touched – and home to the densest number of critically endangered western lowland gorilla in the world and a significant number of forest elephants. These factors make Congo-Brazzaville an exciting, responsible and cost-effective way to view some of the most fascinating species walking the earth, in a genuine voyage of discovery.


"I think this quote sums it up!

'Teeming with leopards and golden cats, gorillas and elephants, this jungle also harbours chimpanzees that may never have encountered a human being. It is one of the world's last undisturbed natural sanctuaries.'

– Douglas H. Chawick, National Geographic, July 1995 on Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park, Republic of Congo."


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