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Zanzibar & Tanzania Coast

Be it one’s 1st or 101st time to Africa, the sight of the continent looming into view as the plane banks is usually an indelible and breath-taking one. For those visiting East Africa this vision below is often a glistening, multi-toned cerulean ocean meeting an exquisite archipelago of soft, white shorelines fringing palm-dense lands... The Spice Islands of Tanzania - and most majestic amongst them: Zanzibar (or Unguja).

Whilst the coast and islands twin marvellously with safari for some excellent beach-based R&R, a wealth of opportunity awaits on Tanzania’s stunning archipelagos. The cultural and historic riches of Zanzibar’s capital, the important former trading-post of Stone Town; the endemic rare red colobus monkeys of Jozani forest; the array of water-based activities benefitting from favourable winds and calm seas; its rich marine life; and the range of local culinary delicacies resulting from exotic spices, cultural island fusion and lush vegetation - Zanzibar is a worthy destination in its own right and it warrants a decent amount of time to properly explore.

With a main offering of nature, heritage and beach, the Tanzanian Spice Isles are topped with a generous peppering of paradise.


"Zanzibar - the Spice Island! Colourful culture, friendly people and the UNESCO World Heritage site Stone Town. All that on top of palm fringed white sanded beaches surrounded by the turquoise endless Indian Ocean. The island's versatility always amazes."

Helen Ingversson, love zanzibar

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