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Zimbabwe is the stuff of historic travelling legend, typifying the romance of Africa. However it is by no means limited to its iconic highlights of Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park and Mana Pools but is a country with an enormously varied offering. Topographically it ranges from big fossilised forests, mountain highlands, savannah plains to some of the most dramatic waterways in the world.

It has correspondingly diverse and sophisticated guest appeal - from high octane adventure such as white water rafting or bungee jumping over the Falls; to more sedate and refined experiences such as Art or Steam Train Safaris. Eclipsing all these, of course, are the rich and authentic wildlife opportunities, both land and water based, benefitting from the large animal populations which roam the incredible wilderness Zimbabwe has to offer.


"At the centre of Southern Africa,  Zimbabwe is a honey pot of biodiversity and culture. With a relatively small population, Zimbabwe’s landscapes remain unspoilt and its National parks pristine, whilst its people are happy, polite and peaceful."

Simon Teede, Bushtracks Africa

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